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Anyone found this more difficult then any other side mssion? I can get to lvl 9 but always run out of time ,,I is here a certain routes one should take I have been going for the long distatance first the nworking towards closer ones when i nee dot restock on noodle's.If ya complete it does your health move up enough to matter?

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You must complete level 10 and your health goes up 25 points (You start the game with 100 points and would then have 125 points upon completion). A strategy that is commonly used is to pause and look at your map. You can plan your routes since you will need to make at least 2 trips after level 6. Other than that, you kind of have to get lucky.

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As well as Punk Noodles in Portland, there's another side mission just like it in Bedford Point, Staunton at the Well Stacked Pizza across the Phil Cassidy's Fully Cocked Gun Shop that if completed increases your health from 125 to 150 or 100 to 125 if you didn't complete the Punk Noodles mission left.

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