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I want to make a mod! But i dont know how!! I want a mod where you can fly to liberty city but not like that easter egg where you get only a small piece!! I would like to make one but i dont know how can somebody help!!!

A mod where you can go to the airport and Liberty City is added and you can fly there, and i think i might use some files from GTA3!! Does somebody get to create a mod or does it have to be left out by Rockstar?

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As discussed in the San Andreas Modding Guide, mods are made by skilled members of the community. Anybody could try to make a mod, and a lot of people edit/create vehicles, but one such as you describe would require a team of experienced and highly-skilled designers and coders.

In other words, unless you already know exactly how you would do this (not just what you want to do) then you won't get anywhere. It's harsh but it's true - I've been there.

Several similar mods already exist, which puts Liberty City in GTASA.

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^ aye sort of.

Depends on how big your noodle is. I didn't know shit a month ago, and now I'm 50% of the way through GTA: Costa Del Essex, there really isn't much of the original game left :D but then, I have plenty of time on my hands.

Just practice alot, the more mistakes you make, the better you'll get, and find a few cheeky short cuts on the way.

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