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  1. San An plays very well on Vista indeed (Dx9L), personally, I like to open the Task Manager and kill Explorer before I open the GTA exe, Vista is a RAM hog.
  2. ^ aye sort of. Depends on how big your noodle is. I didn't know shit a month ago, and now I'm 50% of the way through GTA: Costa Del Essex, there really isn't much of the original game left but then, I have plenty of time on my hands. Just practice alot, the more mistakes you make, the better you'll get, and find a few cheeky short cuts on the way.
  3. you know with very little work (literally a few hours) you can make Sa An multi into a realy good Enemy Territory
  4. i got a few you can try, took me bloody ages to 'white out' all the hands/legs/necks etc maybe if you change the player head DFF to the one in the 'White CJ' mod you can retexture a Keith face lol. I got one thats similar to keith its made from a photo of one of my mates, but its for the stock CJ head model, but its pretty weird (in a cool way) on screen... Heres a few clothes you can use if you change them to BMP and then import them over the originals... If anyone wants them, feel free, just give some credit if you use them in a mod please
  5. I can do that with the billboards, but doesn't the smashable (is that a word) one have a different looking name to the others, and theres only one mod I know of that changes the textures for buildings, but theres high res and it installs from an exe so you can't really check, even if you installed it to a blank folder thats still about 16,000 files
  6. I need the names of the textures that are The breakable billboard (in the mission cutscene), and some of the wood/plastic/plaster walls on the houses. I found a few obvious files but I don't fancy extracting thousands to find a few.
  7. Yeah i need some too for my essex mod, at the mo they'll have to be Tricked focus'.
  8. ... Zmodeler won't import coz I'm not paying, Gmax won't work on my PC, but I just got Blender but I can't find any converters, none of them having working links. So I was wondering if anyone had the Tahoma and Stratum DFF files as something more useful I can use. (I'm making an Essex mod, wouldn't be right if there were a few old Volvos chugging about).
  9. The photo's formidable, isn't it... Seems the 'white' body i made weren't as white as my pastey face lol, back to the drawing board.
  10. End result was I got Spark to work fine on one PC, and just added my new Player IMG file, and now I've started on the Peds and random crap. need to rework a few pieces though, they crash the game when I use certain hair cuts, and my body isn't pasty enough My ugly mug and new top One day I'll leap into the scary world of map making.
  11. I tried IMGtool on another PC, same problem, and then tried G-IMG on both PC and that doesn't even start up.
  12. Set the draw distance to minimum and see if you can google the SET file that brings the texture quality right down, good stuff for slow PC's. Most Fan-made cars are top quality and tax your resource alot more to render that GTA's stock ones, mainly bwecause they use generic low quality files.
  13. I just spent 3 days editting all the TXD files from the Player.IMG, I've gone from TXD to BMP, saved and exported them back with TXDtool, so now I have a full archive of the DFFs and TXDs. So I open the original Player.IMG with IMGtool and delete everything in there, when I add the new content it freezes at 'Adding 1/543file' and a pop-up box says... Access violation at address 00460026 IMGtool read of address 00000000 I can't find anything out about this :'(
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