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your least favorite mission


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I hate Zero's first 2 missons, Air raid and Supply Line's. I completed Air raid but it took me ages and when I completed it I only had a pinch of signal left. Supply Lines is just too hard! I can't even get anything! I either crash or run out of fuel.

i used the speed things up cheat on that mission use it if youre having fuel problems. I dont like the one where you catch and kill freddey! its so annoying he sounds gay and zig zags everywhere! i like the one for big smoke where youre on the back of the motor bike and you shoot the trucks and luxury cars!

firstly the OG LOC mission is easy unless you are a retard and cant ride a motorbike! secondly freddie doesent SOUND gay he IS gay hence all the gay jokes like "you dropped the soap sugar i don't know anyhting about no rhymes"...

hmmm my least favourite would have to be robbing uncle sam just because it is sooooo long! it's not hard it just takes for ever!

yeah i admit i cant ride a motorbike i suck i always fall off! :(

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