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  1. Jacob-here :)

    Ghost girl from TV(i'm look in youtube)

    lol i didnt know but i bought the movie yesterday i might watch it late tonight!
  2. Jacob-here :)

    Whats you favourite town in SA

    my fav city is los santos my fav small town is fort carson
  3. Jacob-here :)

    Most Favorite Mission in SA?

    probably fender ketchup its fun dangerously driving
  4. Jacob-here :)

    Ghost girl from TV(i'm look in youtube)

    wtf the girl from the ring? what ring? lord of the rings! lol woops i found out the ring is a movie
  5. Jacob-here :)

    Ghost girl from TV(i'm look in youtube)

    wtf the girl from the ring? what ring? lord of the rings!
  6. Jacob-here :)

    Favourite Los Santos District?

    probably downtown los santos cos of buildings and its not run down and ganton
  7. Jacob-here :)

    Racing crashes

  8. Jacob-here :)

    Hummer H3

    lol oon family guy brian says hummers are for losers and theres a guy drink driving on the freeway watching madascar and sideswiping car of the road! anywaythey probably are fuel guzzlers by dad has a 300c or sumting and it binge drinks on fuel!
  9. Jacob-here :)

    No sound on Youtube

    my sound dont work either? i tried itunes that wont work. my speakers are fine i plugged em into my tv and they worked , i tried earphones but sound still wont work!? i checked if my computer hadnt been on mute but it wasnt!? is my soundcard messed up?
  10. Jacob-here :)

    Cluckin' Bell Confirmed!

    true it is very annoying especialy when ur about to do something important!
  11. Jacob-here :)

    Humour in GTA IV

    Me, too... I hope Niko isn't as serious as some brick wall or somethin'... he might be he didnt seem funny on the trailer
  12. Jacob-here :)

    What pisses you off?

    my list YOU! nah only joking! people who act gangsta big brother australian idol some people at my school britney spears paris hilton
  13. Jacob-here :)

    PS3 V XBOX 360 V Wii

    i HATE wii my freind brags on about it going blah blah blah this is so great becuase you can actually play with it! everybody only wants an xbox cos of halo so the best is ps3 who cares about the hefty pricetag! you get good quality blu ray and it is a quality sony product
  14. Jacob-here :)

    your least favorite mission

    i used the speed things up cheat on that mission use it if youre having fuel problems. I dont like the one where you catch and kill freddey! its so annoying he sounds gay and zig zags everywhere! i like the one for big smoke where youre on the back of the motor bike and you shoot the trucks and luxury cars! firstly the OG LOC mission is easy unless you are a retard and cant ride a motorbike! secondly freddie doesent SOUND gay he IS gay hence all the gay jokes like "you dropped the soap sugar i don't know anyhting about no rhymes"... hmmm my least favourite would have to be robbing uncle sam just because it is sooooo long! it's not hard it just takes for ever! yeah i admit i cant ride a motorbike i suck i always fall off!
  15. Jacob-here :)

    Ever wanted to download off Youtube?

    what is this site?