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British FHM Preveiw


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I'm not so sure whether this is new, but a member of GTA-Junkies posted this today, I'm not so sure on if this is a latest preview but it's apparently in August so it might be new:

Don't be scared now - But GTA has changed. From the first seconds of the trailer that dropped in March (horror movie - style choir, Eastern European new "hero" Niko Bilic) it was obvious that this is a darker, grittier game. None of the 'Scarface' ambitions of Vice City, or the day-glo gangbanging in San Andreas. How do we know this? Because FHM was invited to Rockstar's Chelsea HQ to be the first magazine in the world ever, to be taken through a GTA IV mission. And we can confirm: this games a peach.

And very diffrent. Essential now is your mobile phone, for triggering missions, nurturing vital contacts or even asking women on dates. And theres no more Ammunation shops - you want firepower call Little Jacob a Jamaican gunrunner who flogs weapons out of his trunk.

Weirder still? Theres no need to steal a car (althought you still can, obviously). Instead Niko can just whistle for a yellow cab to chauffeur you to your killing destination. Over 150 developers have created the biggest single city in a GTA game yet, taking an hour to cross and containing full explorable skyscrapers. Which means, yes, Niko can throw people off buildings.

Its also more convoluted. The mission we saw had Niko tasked with retriving a memory stick with compromising photos of a crooked cop. The cop texts you the thiefs mobile number, and you zero in on his position when he picks up the call. Once he's dead, the cops are alerted and your area goes hot - a red disc centered on where they first saw the crime. But police are now harder to shake. If they see you, the hot zone's reset with you back in the middle.

Sound cool? And the fact that, as part of GTAIV's new physics, the player will be able to feel the bass of radios in passing vehicals. Or that Niko can now hang off other vehicles. Or that pedestirans use mobile phones and cash machines, and even laugh at others misfortunes. The result? We're excited.

Also confirmed in this article:

- If you got a PS3 all you'll play is whats shipped on the disc. But microsoft has paid $50 million so that Xbox 360 owners get two exclusive extra 'levels', available to download. For a price, obviously.

-GPS; Your map's still in the bottom left-hand corner. A GPS marks the route to missions and communicates status. If you commit a crime, the area you're in turns "hot" and you need to shake the head. The frame of the GPS shows your health.

-Humour; The games more serious, but GTA has lost none of its twisted humour. Niko visits an internet cafe called Tw@. A dinosaur exhibition is called "Boner!" and an ad flogs mummifacation "I had my wife mummified - the sex is great!"

-Liberty City; The city is the biggest and most complicated that Rockstar has ever created. Liberty City is smaller than San Andreas but it also goes up, with stacks more interior space.

Link: GTA-Junkies

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Because FHM was invited to Rockstar's Chelsea HQ to be the first magazine in the world ever, to be taken through a GTA IV mission

What the hell, we've know about the mission for months. What on earth are they making false boasts for :/

Thanks but I'm sure all of this is very old. Are they sure it's the August issue?

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Well, the member who copied it up from the article believes it is, and it looks like there's something new in the article too. I think pushing people off the buildings haven't been mentioned. Prove me wrong, but I believe that might be new.

EDIT: If he posts any more, I'll let you know. ;)

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