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Avenged Sevenfold



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  1. 1. Do you like them?

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Yes, I was going through my songs and I saw right at the top= Avenged Sevenfold- Chapter Four

I was like WTF because I stopped listening to them a LONG time ago (When Chapter Four was still new) and since I heard of Trivium they were total crap. After going through bands and at the current bands I listen to, this was pretty awkward. I heard it and I thought it was good and now I'm going to go through to find other good songs.

Basically, the aim of the topic is, do you like them or not?

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Not that easy to say so I'll leave the poll intact.

I like a few songs, but I find some very irritating, especially because of the bad vocals. "Chapter Four" is one of their better songs I agree.

What genre are they anyway? Some say they're emo, some say they certanly aren't... I've never been fond of emo stuff anyway...

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hey3x, i like avenged sevenfold, but don't you go bad mouthing trivium, they got some skills and i love the crusade better than any of the synyster gates solo

trivium doesn't sucked, i love 'em

anyway, did you guys heard that avenged is going to release their new album?? i already know one song only, but i expect more good songs from 'em :lol:

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