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the truth missions

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You mean the black van, when he says he needs to check something out? I don't think it's ever explained, although I could be wrong.

EDIT: I just looked through the San Andreas guide, and all it says for both times you see the black van is:

1 - the hospital. 'The Truth makes you wait until a slow-moving van drives past. What's that all about?'

2 - the police station. 'The Truth starts talking weird again, and we see the same slow-moving van pass by. Very strange.'

So no, nothing's mentioned about it. It's just part of his mysterious background I guess.

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what the heck is the deal with those vans in the mission when you and the truth are recruiting people for the chop shop? haha. maybe i need to be high to understand what he's talking about.

too bad i stopped <_<

I think it could be a reference to the Men In Black (MIBs), the government Black Ops people that the Truth is so paranoid about. I think he mentions them at one time or another.

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