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    Someone please help!

    Can Somebody help me out with those flying missions and N.O.E in gtasa. I'm gettin' real frustrated and can't just make it. Can you also suggest some particular trainers. Pleeeeeeeeeease Help------- Lou Park
  2. †Ĵасқ•×•Āѕніяамі†

    No pay n spray in gta4?

    Well today i was watching some gta4 vid on youtube and in the description the uploader gave a li'l description of gta4!! Then suddenly it read.....NO PAY AND SPRAY THIS TIME TO SAVE UR ASS!! I was fuckin confused!! Is this real?? Cuz Pay and sprays have been a regular thingy in gta!!
  3. Now the avi is good!! Thx for noticing pal!! 8/10

  4. †Ĵасқ•×•Āѕніяамі†

    Guess on the controls?

    Controls do matter a lot....cuz as long as controls are good..the game will be enjoyment
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    Who else is glad that...

    Ahh lance...u are a regular comedian
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    The Random Post Topic

    Cool sig....
  7. †Ĵасқ•×•Āѕніяамі†

    Word Association

    Gta bandits
  8. †Ĵасқ•×•Āѕніяамі†

    Realistic cop chases?

    All i wanna say is the cops just shouldn't be noobs comin as a flow of them and gettin capped!! It should be some real action.....
  9. †Ĵасқ•×•Āѕніяамі†

    No pay n spray in gta4?

    Dude i didn't mean to piss you off but just wanted to say things are gonna be different!!
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    Who else is glad that...

    For a freakin' massacre.....These shotguns should stand up to my expectations!!
  11. †Ĵасқ•×•Āѕніяамі†

    Is GTA IV going to be that realistic?

    now i think it will be a bit clear for Pj or whatever
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    Teh 'N00b' Game

    bell SCR3W UUUUuuuu noooob
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    Three Word Story

  14. †Ĵасқ•×•Āѕніяамі†

    Three Word Story

    she was so...
  15. †Ĵасқ•×•Āѕніяамі†

    Grand Theft Auto: SA Trivia!

    Hope is it the vigilante missions
  16. †Ĵасқ•×•Āѕніяамі†

    Who is currently playing San andreas

    Damn it even i love this nrg-500 thingy.....>COMMON
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    Grand Theft Auto: SA Trivia!

    ummm a sadler??
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    Where should the next GTA be based?

    Aussie is shit!! New york,Los angeles obviously!!(IMAO i'm not praisin my hometown) Btw....wrong section
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    Grand Theft Auto: SA Trivia!

    Yo dont fugget to say whether my answer is correct or no!! To be a bit unsure.....Is it somewhere near el castillo del diablo??
  20. †Ĵасқ•×•Āѕніяамі†

    Hay what’s your favorite Radio station

    Whenever u ever have a depressed mind(if u have a mind ) turn on to sf-ur and listen to nightwriters!! That is awesome....and i mean AWESOME
  21. †Ĵасқ•×•Āѕніяамі†

    Grand Theft Auto: SA Trivia!

    I wonder how no one understood the question?? Let me give it a shot:-Varrio los aztecas??(Cesar's gang)
  22. †Ĵасқ•×•Āѕніяамі†

    Is GTA IV going to be that realistic?

    Look who gives the fuck about gfx anyways??? Btw if u look a youtubee by gtasite.net then youll see or the "lets get ready for war" traler with some awesome IN-GAME happenings!! All know gta4 is surely gonna be another masterpiece by rockstar and we all are gonna take advantage of next gen gaming!! If u want to.....Buy the game or nobody gives a damn!! CUZ I DONT GIVE A FUCK!!
  23. †Ĵасқ•×•Āѕніяамі†

    No pay n spray in gta4?

    Ahh as if i care whether u like pay and spray or no.......BUt it will be really something different this time!! This is how it's gonna be:- 1)Cops sport more weapons than the colt45 or Baton 2)Pack up some heat and that area will be flashing with a red color like the one in gang wars!! If u remain there for a long time u'll have to face the units!! If u lose visual contact........It's ok!! 3)In the place where u commited the crime...There will be a few witnesses and if they see u there the'll immediately run away the next time they see u!! 4)Cop chases will no more be so unrealistic and boring!! It will have the nfsmw experience!! Source:-The same video frum where i came to know of this fact!! So curse him not me..... if i went wrong anywhere
  24. †Ĵасқ•×•Āѕніяамі†

    the top five ways you(or somebody else) would kill a person

    1 Pop a gun in the face and ........FiNIshed!! 2 Dump him in fort knox and let him go mad by seeing all the money and die!! 3 The mk styles guys specified above 4 Execution 5 Rip out the heart and watch the fun