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GTA SAN ANDREAS-no more missions available


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hi. i am completely new to the forums and i am sorry if you think i shouldn't have opened a new topic for such a small question, but i can't find any suitable topic......

my problem:

i just completed all of ZERO's missions.after that i saved the game, roamed the city for about 30 mins, went to the gym....but i didn't get ANY NEW MISSIONS. no cals, no new locations on the map.....what could be the problem?

current status:

as i said, i completed zero's missions. i didn't exaclt "complete" the driving school and flying school, but got gold in all using a cheat. however, the school sign is still showing on the map as a target(i don't know if that is normal)

how can i get new missions? do i have to buy anything? or go to some hidden place?

any help will be appreciated

thank you

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And now the bad news.... :cry:

SA is really bad w/ cheats, although usually the major problems show up in Las Venturas. R* intentionally made GTA this way

to encourage players to finish w/out cheats. If you save after using a cheat, your save file gets corrupted & you can never

reach 100% complete.

Most likely your only solution will be to load a save made before you used the cheat.

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@sky-how do i complete the flying school and get BRONZE now that i have already gotten gold in all??

@urbanoutlaw-i have overwritten that file :( i use a lot of cheats btw,when i play GTA the firast time. i play all over again if i finish it the first time :lol:

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