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Eastern European Rock

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I was looking for some Eastern European rock, namely Romanian just so I could see what it was like, I was expecting nothing since you never hear rock from this part of the world in Western countries.

Well apart from System of a Down, (who incidently are from Armenia) I've never heard anybody from there, apart from gypsies playing a mandalin which is I believe the instrument played in the solo part of System of a Down's Nuguns song ^_^

anyway I found this band called Zdob si Zdub, and by the looks of things they are obsessed with sheep, but anyway, listen to some of there songs, like this one called 'DJ Vasile' which you can download here - http://www.zdob-si-zdub.com/music/450/track2.mp3

It's addictive <_< I keep playing it now. It's certainly a unique style, like gypsy folk music, but speeded up, then with the addition of a couple of guitars and a set of drums

just thought i'd tell you of my experience :P

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