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Where can I locate the Andromeda?

Lim Wan Xiong

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I've been working on one, yes.

Nowhere near ready for release & my comp needs a rebuild, so I've just been testing what I have.

I could probably add an ENEX (entrance/exit) at the airports to get into the Andromeda interior (separate model from the


Now that I think of it, an IPL edit might do that. Does anybody know the co-ords?

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It's a rar, so you'll need winrar. [[get it here (it's legal) ]]

Then just open the .exe and start San Andreas. Alt tab out of the game and click on the inject trailer button and you're good to go.

Just head over to a place you want a vehicle to appear, alt tab out and find the vehicle in the trainer (in this case, just type andromeda) and click the spawn button and go back to the game.

It's also possible to make hot keys. So then you could assign the andromeda to the i. So when in game you just press ctrl+i and it will spawn.

Easy :)

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