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Grand Theft Auto: SA Trivia!


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True or False. Looking back at memorable San Andreas moments does it make you want to cry?

That would be a matter of opinion, there is no right or wrong answer to questions like that.

Where in San Andreas can you find the Launch boat?

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AREA 69 - The Desert

Easter Bay Naval Base - Easter Bay

Ocean Docks - Ocean Docks LS

Vedant Meadows Airstrip - Verdent Meadows (This Depends how you think, because the CIA take off the Andromada From there)

LSPD HQ - Pereshing Square

Dillimore Sherrifs Office - Dillimore

SFPD HQ - Downtown

El Quabrados Sherrifs Office - El Quabrados

Fort Carson Sherrifs Office - Fort Carson

LVPD HQ - Roca Escalante

CIA BASE - Blackfield

Why do peolpe say Leatherface Hides somewhere in Pantopticion? (He doesnt by the way)

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