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Grand Theft Auto: SA Trivia!


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True, for the helicopter.As for the plane, maybe there can be a Hydra spawning in the underground parking lot.

Complete the sentence:

D_e_ _h_ __p_ _h_t in t_e w_o_s

Hint: Something that CJ asks Cesar two times in the game, and Truth asks it once[for polar bears]

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Well, I never saw an Hydra in the lot, but I saw a Nevada in the SFPD Impound last week :wtf:

A: Carl:"Does the pope shit in the woods?"

I still don't understand this phrase's purpose :mellow: ...

Anyway, the "trivia duel" is still going...

Q: What ped model comes inside the Police Maverick when you got 3 or more stars?

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False, there aren't any laser beams (but it would be cool if there were...)


Q:When Cesar calls Carl to tell that Smoke's drugs (about 12.5Kg) are leaving San Fiero, what's the first thing that Carl says?

A-Wassup Cesar? Oh, I amost forgot about the yay!

B-Eh, Cesar? The yay is leaving San Fierro, right?

C-Shit, Cesar, shit! We gotta fuck that crack factory as soon as we can!

D-None of the above.

This time I even gave you the alternatives!

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Shoot, someone invaded the duel xD!

Anyway, it's false, because there aren't MORE than five, there are just five:

  1. One Transfender in Los Santos
  2. One Transfender in San Fierro
  3. One Transfender in Las Venturas
  4. The "Loco Low Co." at Los Santos
  5. The "Wheel Arch Angels" at San Fierro

My time to ask... Let's see if you have any chances of entering the duel xD...

Q- How many Kg of drugs does Smoke buys from the Loco Syndicate every month?

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Like I'm stupid [:P], answer is B.

Q: What color is Sweet's car? [when it spawns] <-Eazy

EDIT: What the fuck?! I didn't even see warrior's answer.

Lol, I'll edit when I get the answer Miles.

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"Read the Mutha F@#k'n thread before you Mutha F@#k'n Post"

Sammy L. Jackson at the post above.

A: That depends... The color itself its Light blue, while the color's number (a.k.a. carcols.dat) is 57 or 58, I don't remember well.

Q: My question haven't been answered yet, so, it'll stay there.

EDIT: Thanks Samil :)

EDIT²: Well, nobody answered yet, so I'll give a hint.

HINT: The answer isn't in the game itself (It can be in R*'s website, the teaser sites, trailers, early screenshots, that movie that comes with the soundtrack, later games, etc.)

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  • 3 weeks later...

It lets you enter the black hell I think...

Well, I can't believe no one here watched "The Introduction" :weird:, anyway, according to Mike Toreno in it, Smoke's gonna buy about 100kg per month.

Toreno: "I think I got us a buyer down in Los Santos."

Mendez: "Por quanto, holmes? How much?"

Toreno: "Not sure, yet. But they're talking big. Up to a hundred

K's a month, low risk."

Anyway, I'll ask again!

Q: What's the name of Cluckin' Bell's mascot?

A) Cock a Doodle

B) Cluck Norris

C)Joe the Cluck

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I really want to know what those things are.They're in the very top left corner of the map, check it out.They shine at night.I was wondering what are those things, and why are they placed there.Anyway...

Back to the topic, the answer is:

F: Ammu-Nation only has a commercial.

T/F: The Gimp suit allows you to have intimate relations with any of your girlfriends.

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