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Grand Theft Auto: SA Trivia!


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Amazing how people didn't answer this from Aug '09.Of course when I'm not active here no one is. :P

Anywho, answer is: He has a 'Saints 88' Tank.

I just hope I didn't make a mistake by 'reviving' this topic, but I don't see how I made a mistake though.

Back to our sheeps:

True/False: In Area 69, there are 6 SAMs.

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Well you're right, but Bayside is a region in Tierra Robada, if you check a map of SA in which you can see all areas.But nonetheless, you're right, so it's my turn to answer.

Gangs are:

~Grove St.



~Varrios Los Aztecas


~Da Nang Thang

~San Fierro Rifas

~The Mafia

Total: 8

What is the main objective in the mission N.O.E.?

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Well, actually, there are several more places in which you can find a parachute and jump... like, Arco del Oeste, Antenna near 'Big Ear' etc.

Answer: Lil' Probe Inn is a parody of Lil' A'Le'Inn.

T/F: In Basketball you can do a 360 degrees rotation slam dunk.

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False, she was killed in a drive-by did by Ballas in a Green Sabre, in order to kill Sweet. LAter Carl discovers that the C.R.A.S.H., Smoke and Ryder were involved in it (vide "The Green Sabre" mission).

T/F: The AT-400 is found in all the four airports.

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