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GTA, GTA II Set To Be Released On PSN?


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If I remember correctly, Sony did own the rights to the GTA's for at least six months.

True, but is this still in affect? GTA IV is being released at the same time on both, so wouldn't you consider Sony's exclusivity to be gone? :/

Most likely not, but maybe for the classics? Not sure if they'd spend their money on it though.

But you're forgetting something, aren't the first two GTA games also out on PC? And the games aren't Sony's property by any means, Rockstar owns them and can do as they please with them. Now if Sony has some sort of contract (which I doubt seeing as how III-IV have all been on the Xbox) then that's a different story.

Yeah...they were on the PC...not the XBox...

"The games aren't Sony's property by any means"...sort of like the downloadable content?

The way I see it, GTA III, Vice City, and San Andreas will all be released on Xbox Originals before GTA IV hits stores. I also think that GTA and GTA II will be out on both the PSN and Xbox Live Arcade before GTA IV is released. But whatever, time will tell I suppose. It can't be much longer before they make some sort of announcement regarding this, right?

What is this "XBox Originals"??? If they're what I think they are...then can't they only consider San Andreas an original since GTAIII and Vice City came out on the PS2 before the XBox?

If they were going to XBox Live! as well...don't you think they would have announced that already??? This seems like the same thing as when we first heard about the downloadable content for the 360.

Xbox Originals are the Xbox 1 games downloadable from Xbox Live. They have Indigop Prophecy, Halo, etc.

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You make some good points there, I see what your saying now. I've always thought of the GTA games to be Sony's though, and I think a lot of other people have too. I guess it is possible it can change.

Me too, but it seems to be changing to me.

Sony gained Rockstar's respect by staying loyal to them and thats now changing because Microsoft is just bribing Rockstar into their own hands. Disgraceful.

I hate all this Rivalry between consoles.

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