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EGM Live GTA IV Podcast


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EGM Live has released a podcast today talking about GTA IV. They say some very good things about the game in it.

  • "My God. I was just blown away."
  • When discussing worries some people had about the PS3 version, the editors stated this: "I think we can all say the PS3 version is pretty damn good."
  • "I was standing in the Times Square equivalent firing rockets everywhere and like pouring rain and things exploding and the [framerate] doesn't slow down."
  • They discussed how real the rain looks and how it doesn't look fake at all. "It's not just a bunch of drops falling in a pattern. It feel like weather."
  • They discussed how different each area looked in the game and how "each district of the city felt so different."
  • When asked if they felt like this new Liberty City feels like the old one from Grand Theft Auto III, the editor said that one part reminded him of the starting point from the old game known as the Red Light District. He called it Hepburn Heights, but he may have made a mistake. Overall though, he said it felt new and not like the old game.
  • "Every square inch [of Liberty City] feels different" than other parts of the city.
  • They explained that the framerate isn't "silky-smooth" but it's not noticably bad.
  • The editors talked about using molotov cocktails.
  • The editors believe that the controls will be the "biggest sticky point" in terms of what reviewers will complain about when the game is reviewed in April. "The shooting is good but it won't redefine it."
  • The editors talked about how they used a Hummer which is most likely a Patriot.
  • One of the EGM players crashed into an edge of a bridge and flew out of the windshield 30 feet down and died.
  • "I picked up a cellphone and I called 911 and a cop comes to answer the call. He gets out and talks to people." Then he stole the cop car and pulled up the police database where you can search by name or search by picture. They searched by name and cycled through hundreds of dossier pictures and profiles. They find two results and get the addresses and carry out the mission.
  • "I actually was really surprised how much I liked Niko right away."
  • "The writing in this game is so freakin' good, top notch and believable."
  • They discussed how much they know they will care about the stories and characters in the game and how important that is.

Go to EGM Live to listen to the podcast.

Thanks to Jordan at PlanetGTA for the list.

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On a roll today, huh, rockstarrem? I'm liking all these new features - especially the realistic weather. I can't wait for the Multiplayer preview later this month. Here's to hoping there's offline multiplayer as well.

Chris agreed to have sex with me, so I'm doing him a favor.

Great, i hope Chris keeps going. The 911 thing was awesome. I would love see the rain.

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