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the GAME

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i just came up with this idea for a game where somne tells a what he does in a small sentence (sorry for mistake) and then someone else tells what he does about it.. (im not a good explainer)

heres an example:

Mister-"i have been walking down the street"

Guy-"and then i jumped out with my gun at you telling me "give me your money""

Mister-"then i called for help"

Dude-"i have heard the call for help and went to help you"

Man-"i also heard the call for help and went to respond"

Guy-"i saw the two people comeing to help and i ran away to my home"


please dont riun it and try to look like a hero or a superman (it means Me-"i shot you in the head" You-"and i survived just beacuse im immortal")

ill go first-

i was riding my bike home

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