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Gin Ichimaru

GTA IV Phone Directory

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From oysterbarron

Just thought it would be good to start making a Phone directory on here of all the ingame phone numbers for companys. I realise we can store them on our phone in-Game but for all the new comers to the game this will be really handy.

il start the ball rolling

LIBERTY CITY Phone Directory Alphabetically

555-0110 ( Bean Machine Coffee )

911 (Emergency Services)

555-2222 (Express Car Service Roman Bellic "Enterprises")

555-3333 (....................................................................)

555-5700 (Fire Proof Doors)

555-8575 (Hero Shop)

555-7625 (Laundromat)

555-5440 (..................)

555-RECRUIT (LCPD Recruitment)

555-1274-73 (Liberty Construction)

555-945-733-92 (No Problemo Bail Bonds)

555-4674 (Superb Deli)

555-5123 (Vinewood laundromat)

948-555-0100 (ZIT song identification company)

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LCPD Recruitment... I wonder if you can get a job as a police officer, that would be real cool. You think there will be jobs in the game like this?

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Sweet but did u get them of GTA4.net?

Yes he did. He's also impersonating illspirit, who does not live in Mauritius as this member does. Impersonation of respected members of the community is a bannable offence. Change your display name in 24 hours or you will be banned, and at least credit whoever made this topic on GTAforums.

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