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GTA Gang Wars Game

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Ok, in this topic I am going to pick two gangs from any city (Liberty, Vice, or San Andreas).

I'm going to ask who do you think will win. Within 7 posts, the first gang to get 4 votes (4/7) will advance. The winning gang moves on, two new gangs will be chosen in a fight, and so on. Only the first 7 posts will count. So please try not to post any more than 7.

Feel free to add fights, because I might not be around to post all, but try to make sure it is after 7 posts. When you post a gang, try to give a reason why you think they would win if possible, just to make it more interesting.

Feel free to add any suggestions to make the topic better, but try not to post pointless comments, arguments, etc. please stay on topic.

Gang list:

•The Leone Family

•The Forelli Family

•The Sindacco Family

•The Vercetti Gang

•Sicilian Mafia

•Southside Hoods

•Grove Street Families



•San Fierro Triads

•Liberty City Triads

•Da Nang Boys

•Colombian Cartel

•Diaz Cartel

•Mendez Cartel

•Los Santos Vagos

•Varrios Ls Aztecas

•San Fierro Rifa






•Vice City Bikers

•Liberty City Bikers (LCS)

•Trailer Park Mafia

•Patrol Invest Group (Security Guards)

•Avenging Angels

•Russian Mafia

•Vance Crime Family



Let the gang wars begin!

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I would say the Haitians because they really caused more problems to the Cubans than the Cholos did. The Cholos are dunces, anyway.

1-1 tie.

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I would also have to say the Haitians are better. They were a dangerous threat to the Cubans and they were the only gang in VC to attack Tommy after the game was done. And who could go wrong with those Haitian Voodoos? I also like their accents. They're cool.

Haitians lead 2-1

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