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    Your fav mission?

    Portland Chainsaw Masquerade was cool. I liked Sindacco Sabotage and Guns of Leone. I also like Contra-banned. Yeah, Sicilian Gambit was cool. Bringing The House Down was cool, too. There's a lot of missions I liked!
  2. WiseGuy187

    Favourite Gang Car

    I voted for the Yakuza Stinger. It has a nice paint job and its so fast!
  3. WiseGuy187

    Favourite Liberty City District

    I voted for Staunton Island because that is pretty much Downtown Liberty City. It has the most population, biggest area, most built-up area and nice sporty cars. I voted Saint Mark's because that is basically Little Italy for Liberty City and it is the home of the Leone Family. I voted for the El train station in Saint Mark's because its Saint Mark's lol. I voted Belleville Park because I just like that area. There wasn't an exact location that I liked in Staunton Island. I voted Cedar Grove because they have very nice houses there. I voted for Callahan Bridge because it reminds me of New York. I don't like the Shoreside Vale lift bridge. Its really annoying and stupid.
  4. WiseGuy187

    Favorite Radio Station

    I voted for VCPR. VC didn't have any music that I really liked. Besides, I always liked the talk radio stations in GTA games the best. They're so funny!
  5. WiseGuy187

    Favourite Character

    Isn't OG Loc's name Jeffrey "OG Loc" Cross? Not Jeremy.
  6. WiseGuy187

    GTA Gang Wars Game

    I would also have to say the Haitians are better. They were a dangerous threat to the Cubans and they were the only gang in VC to attack Tommy after the game was done. And who could go wrong with those Haitian Voodoos? I also like their accents. They're cool. Haitians lead 2-1
  7. WiseGuy187

    GTA Gang Wars Game

    Ok, in this topic I am going to pick two gangs from any city (Liberty, Vice, or San Andreas). I'm going to ask who do you think will win. Within 7 posts, the first gang to get 4 votes (4/7) will advance. The winning gang moves on, two new gangs will be chosen in a fight, and so on. Only the first 7 posts will count. So please try not to post any more than 7. Feel free to add fights, because I might not be around to post all, but try to make sure it is after 7 posts. When you post a gang, try to give a reason why you think they would win if possible, just to make it more interesting. Feel free to add any suggestions to make the topic better, but try not to post pointless comments, arguments, etc. please stay on topic. Gang list: •The Leone Family •The Forelli Family •The Sindacco Family •The Vercetti Gang •Sicilian Mafia •Southside Hoods •Grove Street Families •Ballas •Yakuza •San Fierro Triads •Liberty City Triads •Da Nang Boys •Colombian Cartel •Diaz Cartel •Mendez Cartel •Los Santos Vagos •Varrios Ls Aztecas •San Fierro Rifa •Cubans •Cholos •Diablos •Yardies •Haitians •Vice City Bikers •Liberty City Bikers (LCS) •Trailer Park Mafia •Patrol Invest Group (Security Guards) •Avenging Angels •Russian Mafia •Vance Crime Family •Streetwannabes/Sharks •Stallionz Let the gang wars begin!
  8. WiseGuy187

    youre favorite car in sa

    My favourite car in SA is either the Bullet or Cheetah. Sorry, I don't have any pics.
  9. WiseGuy187

    What song reminds you of this Game?

    I thought of another song which reminds me of LCS. The Chase song by Giorgio Morodor on Flashback FM. I like that song.
  10. WiseGuy187

    Gangs In San Andreas

    Sometimes? They come to me saying if im in gangbanging buiz, i say yes bitch im from grove and the bang-bang begins. ALL THE FUCKING TIME!!! If you reply negatively, CJ will say something like, "I ain't no gangbanger," and the other gang will leave you alone. This only works for Varrios Los Aztecas, Triads, Rifa and Da Nang Boys. Ballas and Vagos attack you on site.
  11. WiseGuy187

    Favourite Character

    No, Tommy wasn't in SA. I don't know why the poll has Claude and Tommy as options. It should have characters from SA for options.
  12. WiseGuy187

    Favourite Shop

    My favourite shop is Didier Sachs. I'm not really into that gangsta thing, so I really liked the tuxedos that we could wear. Also, the hats were not bad.
  13. WiseGuy187

    Favourite Character

    I liked Sweet the best. He was an awesome leader/OG of the GSF. Also because he's CJ's brother. I really liked his character, though.
  14. WiseGuy187

    Whats you favourite town in SA

    My favourite city in SA has to be Los Santos. C'mon its the home of Grove Street and the GSF (And to quote Julio G, its the "home of the drive-by"). I dunno, R* just did an excellent job with making Los Santos have such a "hood" feel to it. Its def. the best city. Its based on Los Angeles, and that's also why I like it the best.
  15. WiseGuy187

    favorite weapon

    My fave weapon in SA is the M4. The AK-47 is my second favourite. I just like the M4 better, especially after seeing Scarface lol.
  16. WiseGuy187

    What radio station do you dislike the most

    I hated Radio Del Mundo the most. It was really annoying! And its mostly Indian, Turkish and Arabic music. But, seriously? I mostly hated all the radio stations in LCS. Most of the songs were annoying.
  17. WiseGuy187

    Claude Vs Tony

    Claude would def. kick Toni's ass. I always thought Claude was a better protagonist.
  18. WiseGuy187

    Favourite Gang Car

    I voted for the Yakuza Stinger. It looks nice and goes so fast!
  19. WiseGuy187

    What song reminds you of this Game?

    Yeah, the LCS theme song always reminds me of the game. But, it you mean a song from the actual radio, I'd say Shook Ones Pt. II by Mobb Deep. I love that song!