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Gio X usaf

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After installing san andreas,

I install the SRT3 mod and noticed a couple of bugs after a while.

1. The rain sound file is wrong or something; when i see rain, it sounds like some one is being punched and strange beeping noises.

2. Freeze for about 1 min every 20 to 30 min

(and i have tried uninstalling and reinstalling but im certain these 2 problems only happen after installing the SRT3 mod)

I think that the freezing problem is more of a hardware problem - but i was looking into fixing the rain problem myself.

I installed SAAT to extract the sound files, im trying to find the sound im hearing so that i can replace it with another, but im having no luck at all; so my question is - where are the rain sound files?

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"retextured v1.0 final"

what do you mean by this?

when u open the game does it just say v1.0

"retextured v1.0 final" its a mod for GTASA. It retexturizes a lot of the stuff in GTASA to high res - makes it all really nice looking.


Sorry guess i should have stated that differently >.<

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ahhh ok..


uninstall, then delete entire rockstar games\san andreas folder

then reinstall.

dont put any mods, then try it out. if it still doesnt work then,

btw are u using a no-cd crack? that causes crashes a lot.

1. your copy is not legit (and also is missing stuff)

2. cd is scratched so some files dont copy properly

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okay did a clean install again, not running any mods and i can hear the rain just fine.

So i play for about an hour - no problems with rain sounds or freezing.

Then i stop and install SRT 3 and the rain makes weird sounds again...

I guess ill just have to live with it cause i cant find the sounds in the extracted audio files with SAAT

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