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WOW! Interview with the voice of NIKO!

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This has some awesome tidbits of info. Very interesting just listen to this man. Lets just say Rockstar hides thing not only from the public but to their own people!!!!!!

He goes through every little detail about the making of the game. Unbelievable!!!!!! Surprised they let him do this.


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I thought you guys would be more interested then this. I found this to be damn interesting.

Thats because its a week day... Many people are busy and cannot go on our forums so there are little replies, soon people will start posting dont worry.

It was quite cool but i sometimes could not understand what he was saying because he was not live in the studio with the hosts so the sound quality was not that good. On the phone though, he did not seem to have any accent at all.... Was quite cool though. Thanks!

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