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Achievements Unlocked by people in the game

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Hi just a suggestion and please forgive me if this has already been carried out of suggested

I am currently in work so have not had time to search – sorry

How about in the achievements section there is a post that tells people what acheivments can be unlocked by completing missions or carrying out certain activities with a person on the game


Little Jacob

Take him the pub, darts etc

Get over 75% likeness – unlock the buying weapons from a friend achievement

Complete Little Jacobs jobs on the mobile – deliver 10 packages and get the package achievement


Deliver all cars in emails from brucie – unlock the acheivment order fulfilled


Take a customer in his cab to a desitnation – unlocks achievement driving mr belic




Of course the other achievements i.e. wheelie rider you could just say that you get a scooter as it is the easiest bike to do a wheelie on

Anyway just a thought guys as this would really help someone like me as I have been spending my time delivering the packages for little Jacob and taking him places to unlock those achievements


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