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skate 2

Harwood Butcher

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Nope, like the Tony Hawk series.

So what is it about the Tony Hawk games that makes you look past the not so perfect physics?

I personally like the arcade feel to it. It's much easier to get around in a Tony Hawk game than in Skate.

I was just playing the Skate 2 demo not too long ago and I was looking through some of the clothing options and noticed that Element and Vans have been added. I'm not extremely crazy about Element, mainly because of all the bullshit fads going on with it nowadays, but I am a fan of Vans. I've been wearing those shoes since I was 13.

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What I like about Skate 2 is that it all makes sense. For example; to grab an object and move it in the game you use R1. To do a handplant you press R1 on a half-pipe.

Same goes with other tricks, to push with your feet you use Square and X and to do a Boneless you grab your board with R2, press Square then do an Ollie on the analog.

Those who know what I'm talking about will understand, I just like how all the controls make sense and how Square and X will ALWAYS be for feet movement, R2 will ALWAYS be for grabs etc.

4 more days till it comes out YAY!

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I just got my copy today and overall it's a pretty kick ass game, but there is one thing that has been really pissing me off. Whenever there is a security guard coming after me, my guy starts going slower than usually and they fucker tackles me. Pisses me the fuck off, so I just keep restarting the game.

Anyone else pick it up yet?

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