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The Red Connection Teaser Trailer!


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You may remember a big machinima movie of mine that I announced some days ago, codenamed "Homecoming". I´ve decided the real title, it´ll be called "The Red Connection".

It´s time for a update right now. Below I´ll provide a synopsis of the movie, yes, movie. Also, I´ll gladly premiere the 1st teaser for the movie. :)


When Rick Harper returns to his birthtown, he soon realizes that nothing is the same. After witnessing his brothers murder in front of him, he decides to pursue his brother´s killers to get revenge. Rick must travel along a dangerous path of lies, betrayals, emotions, and even more death.

It´s Time To Get Personal.

Watch "The Red Connection" Teaser 1.


1. I hope youre happy I´ve got a Capture card now, I won´t point out any names. :rolleyes:

2. I´m still playing around with the capture card, quality may not be the best, but it´s certainly better than before!.

Hope you like it


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