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GTA SA mods freeze

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I just bought the retail version of GTA SA, hoping to be able to mod it. When I get home, I can't wait! I am installing all my mods through SAMI, and thinking, if the mods don't work I am going to tear my hear out. Well, I didn't tear my hear out, I just got really frustrated. When I install ANY mod, it freezes half way through loading.

In other terms

Lets take any mod. ( I have tested many ) Caprice Taxi. I install it through Sami, its all good. I check my GTA San Andreas folder, there's a new folder, "Backups" So I know it installed.

I open GTA SA

Hit new game ( I have also tried using a save ) Goes right to halfway, really quick. Then it stops!

I hit control+alt+delete, nothing. I have to restart my computer.

Don't tell me to do the backup, because when I click the backup.sami, it opens, I click ok, and it says:

Windows: *DUUUUUUUN!*

SAMI: The mod you're trying to install is a backup. If you're trying to uninstall a mod, then use the "Uninstall a Mod" feature instead.

Me at the moment: :bashhead:

Do I need to downgrade to v1?

Thanks for help in advanced! PLEASE DO HELP!

And thanks for reading!

*...man this guy types a lot.. Wouldn't want to get into a conversation with him, he may be too talkative...*

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