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Eazy's GFX Gallery !


What do you think about Alvas's Graphics ?  

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  1. 1. What do you think about Eazy's Graphics ?

    • They are rocking !
    • Awesome !
    • Good !
    • I Dont like them !

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I don't usually share my .PSD's because of the large number of rippers around the internet.....but since you need it...send me a pm if you are really in need of it. ;)

BTW on which website are you using it.

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What are you doing !!?! I'll not say a word. Just compare. http://www.thegtaplace.com/forums/topic/20140-eazys-gfx-gallery/page__view__findpost__p__365539

Got it? Man the current one looks like you bought PS yesterday.... No offense but look just at it, everything messed up, the 'eazy' text doesn't look as serious as you've put in the Quote. And the else part, is just out of my reach of understanding. Now go to PS and Shove a nice sig in your topic's ass.

Is it that or I'm losing my judging powers..

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By the time you posted, I came up with a new sig. Thanks for your advice.

But here's the new one I made...


If you look closely you will notice TGTAP watermarked below EAZY. BTW the Graphics and writer's pad section is turning to be inactive...since only some of us post here. What about a competition ? :)

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Sandy won the shooping contest, as you might notice, although Dave and I agreed to use all winning and runner-up entries. I did add a theme with your banner to the available skins:


It took me some time since I got it from a Hello Kitty skin, and heavily modified it just to fit the overall concept.

I'll deal with the other banners, too, just to be fair. :awesome:

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