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  1. 1. Which forum would you visit more?

    • Stargate themed forum
    • Sports themed forum
    • Would visit both equally
    • Wouldn't visit either of them

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Hey guys. For quite a while now I have been tossing around the idea of starting my own forum. I realize it is a big commitment and all the other stuff but what I have been agonizing over is the main subject of the forum.

I have two subjects which I would love to do, those being sport and Stargate. I have awesome ideas for both and both, I know, are extremely popular.

So my question for you fine people is, which forum would be better to create?

Would I be better off creating a Stargate one and see if it can get placed as an affiliate on sci fi sites etc. Or would I be better off creating a sports website, where sports are a year round activity and there would be no lack of news?

Remember I have awesome ideas for both these topics, (but I am no coder so I may need Chris' help :P).

I am looking for personal opinions on which you would prefer to see AND which one you think would get more traffic.

Sorry, If this is construed as some form of advertising I am sorry. It is meant solely to give me a better idea on which would be more successful.

(And If I do get a successful forum up and running you better believe this will be one of the top affiliate sites regardless of it being a GTA site compared to a sci fi/sports site :P.)

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