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Kikizo's GTA IV PC hands-on preview


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Popular gaming website Kikizo have today published their Grand Theft Auto IV hands-on preview for the PC version. Well known for putting a hell of a lot of detail into their previews, Kikizo have once again written a great preview, cramming in all the details learned from their hands-on. Unfortunately though there's not really anything new to report. IGN's preview already covered the basics, while yesterday's preview by SPOnG focused on the powerful replay editor - something which Kikizo also talks a lot about, as well as all the enhanced graphical capabilities.

One minor new detail regarding the video editor is the fact it can output videos at 720p, 1080p, as well as (presumably) a fairly low 'Web' resolution. Unfortunately it can only render WMV files, though Kikizo weren't able to test how well the rendering worked as the functionality was not available in the build they played.

The article is worth the read, so head over to Kikizo and check it out.

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Heh, never looked it at like that but yeah I guess having low traffic could make driving based missions a lot more easier. I do like a good challenge though, so I won't be doing the same thing.

As for the graphics, yes they are so much better, take a closer look at the screenshots. Compare it with what you're used to playing on 360/PS3. Kikizo even said themselves that they felt the console version looked dated after they'd played the PC version.

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Wow, I can't believe the news with GTA IV PC Hands-On. And the graphics of GTA IV, It's like...OMG they are awesome! :awesome: I'm not really interested in GTA III, Vice City, or San Andreas. I am just waiting for GTA IV to come out to the PC, hopefully when it comes out, I am getting GTA IV (PC) for Christmas, or my Birthday! (2nd of Feb - 2/2/1993) :) Although getting to the second island on GTA IV will be quite difficult but will be challenging, therefore it should be solid to complete on the PC version.

I have had a roam around on the Xbox 360 on GTA IV, and it was good. I killed a few police, smashed into a police cruiser and made it go flying off a bridge into the water. :lol:

Now I think over 1 million, maybe a billion GTA players are waiting for GTA IV for the PC. I am waiting too! :D

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