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GTA San Andreas

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I've never played GTA San Andreas

I've got GTA 2, 3, VICE CITY, and IV.

all on xbox(GTA 2 on Dreamcast).

Is GTA San Andreas good

4 years late but

shall i get it

and all my friends say

san andreas is better than iv

whats so good

tell me bout it

You haven't played GTA SA? :P I thought you would have...

Well I'm not going all hussy and shit about you not playing GTA IV and stuff (Which is pretty lame for someone like me). But from my own experience of playing it, it's actually a pretty badass game to have as part of the GTA Collection. Probably back when it was released, there was a shit load of hype around most sites and around alot of people. Plus it was probably one of the biggest games in the whole series. I say buy it, you will not regret it. Modding it will also be fun as well.

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San Andreas, lots of features... you'll enjoy it :D

the best GTA for me so far

i haven't played GTA IV, but i know someone in my neighborhood already played it, its nice according to him.

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I'm a die hard GTA3 fan, but I must say I've done twice the hours in SanAn than I have in GTA3. There is just a never ending amount of things to do, not to mention that it has a very vast map. Once you've finished the main story missions you can do anything from driving a semi-trailer for cash to modifying your cars to surely crash and destroy them in some horrible accident to even going to the gym to buff up or going to burger shot to put on a few pounds. It's all there!

Hands down, the best GTA in terms of features. Great storyline too of course.

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