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Not Getting Phone Calls

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I've completed all of the Pegarino, Phil Bell and Ray Boccino missions, but I can't start the next mission where you

kill Ray Boccino

, until I've done the mission "Weekend at Florians", which is triggered by a phone call from Ray immediatly after the mission where you chase the bikers through the subway. I never got that phone call, and now, many missions later, I still havn't got it. I've tried calling everyone on my phone and checking my emails but I still havn't got the call. I've played through the game before and I have the strategy guide so I know I'm not missing anything.

I also killed

Francis Mcreary

and I havn't gotten the call for the funeral mission.

I'm trying to beat the game in 30 hours, so I've been saving and reloading alot. Could that have something to do with it?

If anyone knows how to get around this, that would be great.

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*Cough Cough...

Are you sure that you killed Ray first then weekend at Florians? Hey try doing some of Bruicie's auto theft missions. If that doesnt work keep going to sleep (saving your game) until the glitched Ray calls. I dunno this never happend to me before. Or if any of that does not work then try doing the game over since its a glitch that needs to be reported to R*

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