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Nikola Tesla-- greatest inventor of all time


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I believe he was good man, from what I heard he want to transmit electric current without wires and his funding was pulled because they wouldn't be able to charge people for it. He wanted to give the power away for free. Just imagine being able to run your laptop without worry of batteries or ever plugging it in to recharge. It would be a better world with more like him. Some people blame him for the Tunguska explosion of 1908. I doubt it was his fault but even if it was then oops!

i thought the explosion at Tunguska is a natural phenomenon, they said its an asteroid that crashed on Siberia :/

but i'm not sure though

My brother is always talking UFO shit. But some looneys claim it was an attempt by the scientist to broadcast electricity across the north pole. The amount of energy to create a blast like that couldn't be summoned up then or now. Otherwise we would already have deathrays. And I would mount the deathray on the moon and have my own deathstar...

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