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lol i have gta 3 real version i have its installa tio thing i installed it and then did the audio setup then the audio worked. but when i get in the cars there are many radio stations and a mp3 player i mostly put mp3 player cause thats all that works. the radio station (chater box lips etc) dont work like when i put them it comes like shhhh and then thats it i cant here the radio... i can here every thing else... why? ???????? or is it even there?

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I know why.

This may sound a little harsh, but you may of downloaded the game from an illegal source. We don't help those who have this illegally, but if you've brought it from a retail (Boxed Version), then I'm assuming reinstalling could do the trick, and make sure if you do reinstall it, remove everything (Probably not your save files, but you could if you wish to).

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Uh, Real GTA3 is a mod, but since he has no audio...

lol sorry wrong about something.... i resently found it in the net so its been only 1 day since i installed it (cool cars in it dude!) so i dint keep the real version(not the mod one the real game) cause i have its instaler later i got bored with no lamosine so i reinstaled the game got the lamosines txd and dff and put it in the realgta3 thing. but in the new(i mean the real gta 3 one which i insaled resently) and the real game dosent have radio! im bored whith the mp3 player!!! gimme radio!!!!



for foooooooo!!! try to find it!

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