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Howdy ho.

I've been a time out of the forum, and during this time, I've been fanatized with guitar, and I'd like to request a new signatura, and I would love one with a Gibson Super 400 Sunburst in the background (Horizontaly) and some cool letter's with my name (Just Silberio, or something).

I dont think I would be able to pay much, as I dont post much now, but I have about 350 dollars, maybe more.


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Sherm, the font is jagged, but there's a way to remove it. If you used Photoshop, do this:

1. Click on the Font Layer. (Which assuringly, is the first or second layer)

2. Go to the toolbar on top and find where it shows something like; "a a" - Some icon thing.

3. Next to it is a drop down box, click on it. It will give you a range of "Sharp", Chrisp", "Strong" and "Smooth" words.

4. Choose any of those and see what happens to the font. Hopefully it will turn smooth.

Hope this helps really. :) I would really want to create something, but I don't have time (Since I'm working on other stuff atm). But yeah, good work Sherman.

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I taught him that. :P Nice work though Sherman. Simple, but nice.

Hey bitch, you weren't suppose to tell anyone!

Lol, Sherman, it's not a problem. I myself had a teacher who couldn't use Photoshop, so yeah, I self taught myself it since he doesn't know how what a Layer is. :P

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