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UFO spotted during CNN report

Harwood Butcher

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Today I received an newsletter from Whitley Strieber, webmaster of Unknown Country, and one of the articles was about a UFO that was caught on video during one of CNN's reports during Obama's inaguration.

I checked further into it and found a video in the article, which could be viewed here. The UFO could be seen at the beginning of the video between 00:08 and 00:10.

At first I was a little skeptical and went to CNN.com to try and find it myself and succeeded. So this is not a doctored video.

If you want to find it for yourself, go to CNN.com and go to this section on the site, shown below.


Then go to the video tab on the top of that page.


Then scroll down below the video and click on the "Politics" tab.


Finally, scroll down through the videos until you find this one.


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