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Signature of the Week Competition thread ! - SOTW #2 Theme and entries !


22 members have voted

  1. 1. What theme would you like for SOTW#1 ?

    • Battlefield 2
    • Half life 2
    • Halo
    • Call of duty: Modern Warfare, Call of duty:world at war
    • Killzone 2
    • Doom

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I and a few other members were planning that about a few months back, I think I had asked you too? I drafted out the rules,etc. if you guys are interested I could post a topic.

I myself asked the honorary admin about a month back and he liked the idea and agreed to do something like that after we were done with the awards. What you guys think?

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Ok. I've come up with a time system to try and makes hit more organised.

Text and image included.


A week is defined by Saturday To Sunday.

On a given Sunday, we will decide upon a theme by vote. Members can make suggestions, and come Sunday night, we will create a poll. The theme winning this poll by Midnight Monday will become the contest's theme. (Yes, only 24 hours to decide a theme).

From Monday onwards until Saturday (at 12.00 PM) You are free to submit your entries in the correct topic, and make adjustments to them. After midnight on Saturday, we will compile the entries and post them ready for voting on Sunday.

Voting will continue until the following Saturday, at Midnight. On Sunday, we will reveal the winner. Also, on Sunday and Monday new theme will be decided (as above).

The reason we have more voting time than entry time is that mire people are likely to vote than enter.... make shit fairer if more people vote.



Might help, might make it worse.


Repeat to fade.

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I like the idea, but that makes one SOTW last two weeks. I think the theme nominations should happen alongside the voting on entries. Pretty much, I mean SOTW 4 should be starting while SOTW3 is finishing.

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