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Vortex Speed


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Sorry..but the same crap mission problems once again.

In the mission " Cut Throat Mission " in which we have to chase OG Loc with Madd Dogg in a Vortex..duh..

OG Loc and Madd Dogg just goes further than me in no time.

And just wanted to ask if there is any key or something in PC to speed up vortex.


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If you speed up your own handling, it'll speed it up for Loc, too.

You do realise that it's part of the mission that you don't catch him, until the very end of it.

I just can't hold him up.

I didn't touch the handling.cfg

I checked out the video in youtube he was always kind close to Loc but even Madd Dogg races me up :(

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God-Damn dude. It's the freaking computer AI that goes faster than you. Havent you noticed that Madd-Dogg stays behind you when you look back and how he lags like your playing online play? It isnt the mission, its your crap driving. You need to practice driving with the Vortex or just go to GTAMissions.com and find the mission so you can see.

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GET A LIFE...holms

I ain't playing online :P

Its the mission with that shit OG LOC all i need to know is cacth up with LOC speed up my vortex

Your not fucking listening. I didnt say you were playing online. So shut the fuck up and listen, practice your driving skills with the Vortex, and if your playing the mission... YOU would know better to just go around the challenging parts like for example the jump where that Light House is. Just go around it. If he drives under a narrow spot. Go around it.

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I don't give these away very often, so merry Christmas or whatever. Find the entry in DATA/HANDLING.CFG for the

Vortex & put a # at the beginning (this tells the game to ignore the following line) & copy the new line just below it.

HANDLING.CFG 1st Vortex entry (under PLANES), 2nd line is untouched.

VORTEX 1900.0 4795.9 20.0 0.0 0.0 0.2 85 0.05 1.0 0.5 5 200.0 2.0 5.0 R P 1.0 0.50 0 30.0 0.5 0.05 0.0 0.33 -0.25 0.5 0.02 0.65 0.50 26000 301 400040 0 1 23

A couple tests at the boat school use the Vortex. For those who want to do this on their own, use those for practice.

Just treat the Vortex like a car that does extreme drift.

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