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The Lost and Damned now in the Marketplace


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Just a quick heads up to everyone to say that you should now be able to find The Lost and Damned in the Xbox 360 Marketplace. The download is 1600 MS Points and is actually a whopping 1.78GB, unlike some reviews told us.

Find it in the new arrivals section of the game marketplace, or if it's not there just browse through All Games -> G -> GTA IV and find it there.

Alternatively, the download queue link should be up on xbox.com fairly soon, clicking that will add it to your 360's download queue and automatically start downloading next time you turn it on.

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Downloaded it about 8am this morning, took about half an hour. I'm playing it right now, its a great game. The multiplayer stats from GTA IV are still there, except there is new clothing. Several new multiplayer modes like Chopper vs. Chopper and that Lone Wolf Biker and The Witness or whatever are pretty fun. I'm so happy I have the week off. I noticed these first few things:

- You start in Alderney

- All islands are unlocked, so there is no hurricane(GTA: VCS) or no terrorist threats(GTA IV) to block the bridges

- Bike handling is great, they go a tiny bit faster then before, and when you hit a small thing you don't go flying off like before

- The first safehouse is huge.

- The phone is ready at the first mission, it already has all the numbers for the bikers

- You can play air hockey(Trust me, its hard)

- You can call some of the bikers for guns and stuff, unlike is GTA IV where you had to gain their respect and liking for you

- There are no cheats,which is a first for GTA that I've seen

- There are pretty much swears in every single sentence, so if your parents care, I really wouldn't play cut scenes with them in the room XD

- The only three multiplayer modes that stayed are Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and Races(In the description is says Biker vs. Biker or whatever so I dunno if its all bikes)

- More later.

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Played a few more missions when I got back from school. The new weapons are great, bike handling is much better, story seems interesting (seeing Niko in the very beginning was awesome) and all the bonus features they implemented are sweet. I'm trying to pace myself with the game so I have only done 7 missions right now and will do a few tomorrow as well and maybe mess around and do some side missions or whatever.

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