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Weapons List for GTA-5

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I agree with the above posts regarding melee weapons as I believe they are a bit limited in gta (with the modest exception of VC). I want to see more variety in: knives(including switchblades and balisongs), swords (not just katana), anything improvised such as: crowbars, pool ques, axes, golf clubs, improvised maces (ie: board with nails), screw drivers, hammers, machetes, box cutters, etc. Basically, anything that can be used as a weapon.

For firearms: Pistols (with varying degrees of damage): glock 18 (auto), s&w .38 snubnose revolver, any big calibur pistols like desert eagle or colt python <-with supressors available for each at cost. Shotguns: (already pretty well rounded but need one suppressed), SMGs: bring back the tech 9 and uzi (i get bored with just the mac 10 and mp5) and a tommy gun as well would be nice.

(not weapons but I still would like to see more clothing options and body modifications as well as automobile modifications like on SA)

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You can tell who has been playing too much COD here.

The ones in GTAIV were fine with me, but more variety would be nice. And yes, bring back the dildo

Actually they're in Medal of Honor =P

I'd like to see the SA80 Assault Rifle in the game [standard British Rifle]

and the Sub 200, which is basically a folding rifle which uses a pistol calibre round.

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I want more fire power

1. M4a1 and ak 47, ak 56

2. Dragonuv

3. Ump45

4. Mp5

5. Psg type 1 thermal scoped sniper

6. Heat seeking rocket launcher

7. RPG

8. Claymore mines

9. Deagle

10. Five seven pistol

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