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This = Fake?

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Sony making a Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Stories game for the PSP? Two of the biggest sellers on the system where the previous GTA side-story games: Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.

And while there has been chatter and rumor about a GTA: San Andreas Stories game for quite some time, some more official chatter has now surfaced.

Talking to MTV, Sony US Marketing head John Koller said that Sony is in “on going” talks with Rockstar to bring the Grand Theft Auto franchise back to the PSP. To quote:

“No one should sleep on that franchise. That’s a tremendous franchise for PlayStation in general. We’ve had two that are the top two sellers on PSP right now. So, there’s definitely continued conversations with Rockstar on all their brands. That’s nothing that’s left the PlayStation family.” Koller went on to insinuate that DS may not be the right setting for the upcoming Chinatown Wars. “It’s an interesting launch on DS. It raises some eyebrows in a lot of areas. It’ll be interesting to see how that sells.”

Then to add more fuel to the fire, a Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Stories product page was uncovered UK retailer HMV (one of the bigger UK retailers) even though it came with this caveat, “There’s no word from the developers about the game at this stage, but if you sign up by clicking the above link, we’ll get in touch with you the second that the game is available to pre-order. If it ever does come out, that is.” Either way, it won’t be surprising in the least if we do indeed see a Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Stories game.

Source: http://www.videogamesblogger.com/2009/03/0...rks-for-psp.htm

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Just an error on HMV's part. Not "fake" just not real either.

Okay, I just thinking something about SA STORIES... here's what i think it would be... [don't flame me if im wrong or it sucks]

Well 3 different games in 1 pack for 30$. [runs on 1 save file!]

It would be GTA Los santos stories [what happened with cj and stuff before he left to liberty city]

2nd. GTA LAs VENTURAS STORIES [don't no who you'd be :S]

3rd. GTA san fierro [ wuu-zii muu?]

But im mostly thinking there might be a los santos stories, about what happened there. If that came out i would be happy x[)

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Knowing Rockstar I think it would just be one game, I mean why bother to make 3 seperate ones when you can just make it one big story. Also I saw the same article which you posted, it doesn't exactly tell us that there is going to be a new GTA for PSP but it does tell us that Sony doesn't want to lose it for PSP. Which is good.

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