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im dumb, how do i install on OS?


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well i have this computer, useless as shit, but i want it to work at least,

it has windows already on the HDD, but how do overwrite that??

im sure you an just re-install windows on it, but i dont know how, if it helps, specs:

950 MHz P3 (OC'd from 750 MHz)

256 MB or ram (did have 320 MB, but the other chip failed)

128 MB nvidia geforce FX 5200 (it works because stuff comes up on screen, but if it matters, i have a 16MB ATi Rage 128 pro)

some maxtor 20GB HDD (i know it works, because it comes up on the hardware list when i start up the pc)

3 disc drives (only 1 plugged in)

DVD Drive (plugged in)

lite-on CD-RW drive

samsung CD Drive

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Assuming you have a CD with Windows on it...

Insert the disc

Restart your PC, press Del or F8 key at the POST screen (the first screen you see when you start your computer, loads of text on it etc.) (usually says at the bottom of the screen to change boot order, or enter the BIOS, you need to do one of those, doesn't matter which)

Look for a menu specifying the boot order... move your DVD ROM drive (or whatever you put the Windows disc in) to the top so it boots from it first.

Save and exit

It'll reboot and ask you to press any key to boot from disc. So press something.

Go through the install process.

You'll probably get stuck on step 3 though so we'll wait for your reply :P

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i do have a CD, ive used it before,

ive did it without getting stuck,

it says,

updating ESCD....

Boot from ATAPI CDROM..... Failure...

Your drive is broken etc. If you have another one use it or if you don't they have a good CD burner I just ordered on NewEgg for $16.99.

good idea, i believe $17 is about £8 so thats pretty cheap, im gonna do that

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haha, very funny, this computer is awesome anyway,

tbh i dont care what anyone says bout that computer, its the first rig ive actually been able to take apart and then put back together myself :lolbounce:

ive installed windows 98 on it, i found a disc, like omg how crap, i havent played 98 in ages, thwe only game it played properly is abe's exoddus

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