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[Error] Exploded after catching Sweet from the FireTrack

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err guyz.. i need help cuz it exploded after catching sweet


am about to catch sweet from the Firetruck... after that we change sits... ill go firing... and he'll go driving...

so after 2 or 3 seconds boom my car exploded... [probably we're near at the beach or ocean ]

its always the same.... same car after exploded same procedures :(


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Did you install any mods? As far as I know the car that you'll be driving in that mission is immune to bullets and stuff, so it'll be somewhat unlikely to blow up. I played that mission before, and despite over a dozen retries, that explosion didn't seem to happen on my game.

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am likely.... Enabled the "Invulnerability from bullets" so if i accidentally ram the truck no negative will happen....

so this usually from invulnerability from bullets huh..... hmmm i think for new plan...

how about Invulnerability from bullets... after catching sweet.. ill disable it.... that might happen... i think its cool

wew.. i thought somethin' wrong with my GTA

and i didn't install any mods..


If this works... i say.... I FRIGGIN THANK YOU!!! [ is there any.... "Reputation" button?? you know its like a Thank you button for what you done like that... :D


WAAA STILL EXPLODED i disabled the invulnerability of vehicles huuhhuhuhu


I have no mods..... in this game

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ey guyz... i finally finished though!!

now i know!!!!

its because "Infinite Current Car Health" that i enabled was not fit to the mission so.. it always exploded.... when i disabled it... i never exploded again weeee

oh ya... even "hesoyam" cheat if typed while in car [after catching sweet] it will explode as well... weeeeeeeeeeee I finished it at last!

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