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Well I'm back I haven't been on since 2008 and I have a McAfee Siteadvisor, it's a big yellow box with a "!" that means mods that people download on here are bad to use back in 2008 this site was green now those idiots made it yellow, is it ok to use the mods still or will they give me viruses now?

Thanks :whistle:


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It was probably a false-positive. Things like trainers contain keyloggers so you can use it in game. It doesn't do anything harmful to your computer. All of the mods on this site are scanned and tested before use.

Probably :huh: is the key word, and saying contain keyloggers like that's no big deal :thumbsdown: . Keyloggers can be very bad, if you're not sure just do a goggle search about keyloggers. If this guys wants the modd bad enough, I say take the risk, but if you are concerned, why risk it. Just find another modd or ask around to see if anyone has had ANY issues with a particular trainer and go that route.

Oh, and Sherman I'm not yelling at you :headrub: , I just think you failed to point out the facts and precautions. He is after all concerned about attacks!

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