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new GTA

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A guy named jason hes rich and a big business employee but he had jealous business partners who hated him after he goes home the jealous business partners start a gang called the hitmen they break into his house kill his wife beat the crud out of him toss his body in an alley burn down his house destroy his car and leaves him to die when the cops arrive it was to late by then because they fled the scene and his wife was dead they couldnt find his body then the cutscene fades and a new one comes up its 5 years later it shows jason all torn up and beaten he has no idea who he is or where he is so he starts to walk around and the fsa[freds secret agency] come and push him into the car and tell him how they have been trying to capture the hitmen meanwhile he has no idea who these people are they start to jog his memory back alittle and then he remembers what happened and then the cutscene ends

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