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How Do I install the Tunnel?

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i will translate it :

Fill with img tool in gta3.img (gta Vice City, model, gta3.img) all the files in archive folder img sure to REMOVE the first archive airportN.dff, ap_rland10.dff, apgroundN.dff and gf_mainisl5_01.dff

Replace cartellle contained in the archive to the folder maps in (gta Vice City, data, maps) and the contents of the folder on the folder (gta Vice City, date)

Very important: open the program in vclimitadjust content archive and set the values until the words become red and green like Dummys and Buildings = 2350 = 7300

Now if you want and need but nn open-path contained in the database editor and delete the squares as shown in photos just select and press the button "D"

I hope you enjoy this mod by Peppe93_mod

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