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Hey guys! I'm using McAfee anti virus and it's been a while since I've downloaded the updates so, I started downloading it today and when it's downloading all the other files, it stopped at this file:


I left it on for ages and it hasn't downloaded that file! :pissed:

What to do? Need help please

Thanks in Advance

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Yeah McAffee sucks. Just uninstall it and use a free one, there's plenty around. AVG Free is a popular choice here.

I installed AVG 7 into my computer and for some reason, it got deleted but only some files weren't deleted. When I tried to uninstall it from control panel, it says it needs the uninstall thingy and that got deleted too!!!

Now I need that file that says "Uninstall". Does anyone have it? I'm dying to get rid of the rest of the other files that can't be deleted.

Change AV, if you're a freebie guy get BitDefender, if you used Mcaffee you got tons of viruses now.

I am a freebie guy and thanks for the link. I'll try it out later on today. :)

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Just a quick tip.

Bitdefender almost has the power as Kaspersky, so it's great.

oh, by the way, when you install BitDefender, perform a full scan, leave the pc for a while.

Thanks for the tip but I never tried Kaspersky though.

And of course I gotta leave the pc on for a while if I'm gonna do a full scan :P

Also, should I get the full version of it or get the 10 Free Edition?

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