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Hi5 and Facebook - The most retarded people that deserve to be fucked with on forums!


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@ Jace: Too right mate, that's really the reason most people join Facebook, only for the hotness of young women. I think anyone here who has Facebook joined it for that reason (I didn't really, but I do look often at alot of friends I added which are female).

But in turn of all of it, Facebook doesn't suck, it's a way to communicate with others, besides texting and phoning your mate, Facebook allows you to do alot more than that. Steam and Maco, you guys need to rethink about what you said there. First of all, Steam. When you're 19-20 years old, you will most likely use websites like this to keep contact with your mates, if they don't ever get a chance to talk to you on Phone, or on MSN, then Facebook is the best alternative to keeping in touch with them.

Maco, that's also one point. Most people do random adding for one reason, just to build up their profile. Nothings wrong with that, I've added people I never talked with, but if you have that certain connection (e.g. you went to the same school as them), then there's a point to add them. I actually see loads of people comment on each others profile, nothings wrong with that either, but then again, that's the whole point on Facebook, to "SOCIALISE".

Many of you have forgotten what Facebook, Myspace, Bebo and all those other Social Networking websites are about.

Obviously if you guys don't like what you see (Those pictures were funny, but this is what some people upload to those sorts of sites), then you shouldn't really make fun of it. I've had a few pictures of me looking like a real idiot, but it's all about having a laugh and remembering those good times, which is really the point.

You can make fun all you can, but at the end of the day, those people are having fun, and enjoying themselves. You guys have no life so you have to make fun out of them. Great excuse for taking the mickey' out of them.

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