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Welcome to the GTA Vice City Gameplay & Help Forum. Here, you can post your problems about Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Please post topics about GTA Vice City Mods in here.

About this Forum

The GTA Vice City & Help Forum enables you to post your problems regarding Vice City. Problems in the past have included problems with a particular mission, a game bug or glitch and topics looking for information. To save you from searching for an answer, here is a topic which will help you find information about a particular problem or topic in GTA Vice City:

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What is a forum boss?

To find out more about who a forum boss is then please click here.

What to do and what not to do

Despite being the Forum Boss, I am not here to take charge of the forum, just to simply make sure that discussions are being 'discussed' properly without fighting, spam or off-topicness. I am not in charge of members and I am not a member of staff.

The quality of the content in this forum is not just my responsibility but it is also your responsibility too. If a friendly discussion ends up into a debate with flaming then the topic will be closed and it will effectively be a ruined topic - please do not let this happen. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and people should not be flamed for stating it.

Suggestions & Feedback

If you have any suggestions on how the forum could be improved, please just drop a reply in the following topic:

Feedback and Suggestion topic

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Hi, I am using a 7 yr old pc. And have been playing gta vc since 2 months. But yesterday i formatted and re-installed my window xp sp3. Now when i installed the game again and started it gives an error 'grand theft auto vc cannot find enough available video memory' i dont have no graphic card.

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Hi Guys . I know how to install car mods. But i have difficulty in installing the building mods. Please leave a suggestion on how to install building mods. The link of the mod is http://www.thegtaplace.com/downloads/f4356-adidas-store.

Contact me at [email protected] . Please help me in installing  the above mod.

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