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Okay, allow me to give a little short-term offer. At the moment I need something to tame my workaholism... My video card drivers mess up my pc, so I can't mod at the moment. And I've still a little more time until I can set up a Paypal account so that I can start working on the websites I've got planned.

Anyway, I was wondering if someone here had a website they wanted designing or coding for them. At the time being, I'm limited to CSS, XHTML/HTML4.0, basic PHP and some Javascript, although... For this same reason (and since I'm not yet classed as "Professional"), I will be doing any work for free. I've also got knowledge in SEO and a bit of web security.

So yeah... Any one who wants something designed to look good or function well, no matter how serious they are about having a website, feel free to ask for as long as the text "Open" is displayed in green. But note that I will not be running websites for you, only getting you going.


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